Old farmhouse PodiHerceg Novi municipality, Montenegro

380.000 €Inclusive commission
Property type: Old farmhouse
Living space area: about 200 Sq m
Land Size: 4610 Sq m
Auxiliary rooms area: about 200 Sq m
Living Area
200 Sq m
Auxiliary Area
200 Sq m

Basic data

  • Land Area:4610 Sq m
  • Structure Type:Farmhouse
  • Living Area:200 Sq m
  • Auxiliary buildings:6
  • Auxiliary Area:200 Sq m
  • Basement Area:50 Sq m
  • Garage Area:50 Sq m
  • Vine Cellar Area:50 Sq m
  • Watter Suply:Local water system + Water tank
  • Power Suply:220 V three-phase current
  • Landline:Local telecom landline
  • Access road type:Asphalt
  • Urban planning permission:Full
  • Reconstruction and upgrade permission:Full
  • Montenegro IMMO ID#:001

Distance from

  • Sea: 1600 m in a straight line
  • Sea: 4500 m by car
  • Driving distance from coast: 8 min
  • Market: 1900 m
  • Herceg Novi old city: 2000 m walk
  • Herceg Novi old city: 6.2 km by car
  • Kotor old city: 45 km
  • Budva old city: 44 km
  • Dubrovnik old city: 50 km
  • Trebinje old city: 36 km
  • Airport Tivat: 25 km
  • Airport Dubrovnik: 30 km
  • Lazure marina: 4.5 km
  • Porto Novi marina: 9 km
  • Porto Montenegro marina: 22 km


Farmhouse for sale in Podi, a few kilometers from Herceg Novi, Bay of Kotor, Montenegro. The house with ancillary facilities is located on an asphalt road leading to the village of Trebesin. The Herceg Novi - Trebinje main Road is less than 300 meters away. The building and the associated land are at the foot of the mountain, at the point where mountain and sea air currents meet, so this area is known for health and longevity of residents.

Until half a century ago, the area was known as the agricultural zone, where olives, grapes and fruits were mostly grown, and is also known for its livestock farming. However, for the past 20 years, former agricultural households have been largely sold and converted into luxury villas.

The whole area is located on the slopes of Mount Orjen, and the land is under a slight slope, while sometimes steeper slopes and even rocky cliffs are visible. They are facing south, and the exceptional Mediterranean climate in this area brings over 200 sunny days a year. Winters are mild and free of snow, with rainfall in the winter months.

A few kilometers from the farm is the seashore of the world famous Bay of Kotor, which houses the tourist attractions of Kotor, Herceg Novi, Tivat, Porto Montenegro and Porto Novi. Less than 50 kilometers from the farm are the world attractions of Dubrovnik, Budva and Trebinje. Within 100 kilometers there are also National Parks Lovcen and Skadar Lake, as well as the famous Ostrog Monastery. This list of landmarks is a guarantee that the time spent on this farm will be used in many diverse and creative ways.

The farm consists of a house and several auxiliary facilities, on a land area of ​​4610 Sq m. Although not used for the original purpose for many years, all the facilities are in good condition, and the farm is immediately habitable. In addition to a comfortable home (which needs renovation), it has a garage, a wine cellar, a meat and fruit dryer, a basement, a pantry, a water tank of 200 m3, a storage room for machines and tools, a barn.

For those who want to transform the farm into a villa, the conditions are outstanding: 4610 Sq m of land, unforgettable views of the entrance to the Bay of Boka Kotorska and an extraordinary location provide all the potential you need for this idea.

If you are interested in business commercialization this farm, it should be noted that next to the farm, as well as in its vicinity, another 11464 Sq m of land is available for purchase, which is quite sufficient even for a larger hotel or apartments complex.

The tourist potential of this site is huge. Montenegro is rapidly becoming one of the elite tourist sites of Europe and the world, and Boka Kotorska is certainly the pearl of Montenegro. The isolation from the city hustle and trafic jam provided by this farm is precisely the greatest potential for the construction of an elite tourist facility, and a guarantee for a quick return on investment.

Check out the photo gallery, location on map, 360o panorama, as well as a short video. If you think this offer meets your needs - let us know to arrange a tour. Seller contact data is at the bottom of this page.


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